Behind the Red Door – A Haunting Nassau Inn Tradition

This post is co-written by Ashley Comaites

The annual Nassau Inn staff pumpkin carving contest is always a big hit. As the staff members ready themselves to gear up for the holiday season; they take a step back to enjoy a Halloween tradition shared by many.

Traditions are, and always will be, the forefront of team stability. Traditions are part of our historical essence, and as time progresses we hold on to as many traditions and as much history as we can. The Nassau Inn has an annual autumn employee contest that welcomes the fall and winter holidays with open arms!

The annual pumpkin carving contest is a time for the employees behind the red door to kick back, relax and enjoy some friendly competition. Stephanie Piccarillo, a reservations agent, says;

“My favorite part about the contest is seeing all the creativity that those of us who enter have and put into the pumpkins we carve. Some of the pumpkins we have had are just so amazing and funny! The whole contest is just a lot of fun and brings the employees together.”

In years past, fun employee rivalries have been brought to life; with pumpkins being carved to counterpart that of a fellow employee! Other favorites have included: Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, silhouette characters and even our very own logo!

We personally really enjoy this contest, as it brings back innocent memories from our childhoods. Carving pumpkins always reminds us of simpler times. Bobbing for apples and running from door to door to collect candy was the greatest joy imaginable of the fall season! As adults, the door we run to now brings us inside a warm and hospitable place that we are always happy to share; so please join us this holiday season Behind the Red Door.

Our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest was a Great Success! 

Congratulations to all of our winners; and thanks to all those who participated in making this year’s contest so fabulous.

Our friendly Front Desk Agent Holly Ween took first place.

Second place went to the always delicious pumpkin burger.

Get to Know Your Customer Day

This post was co-written by Jackie Brigante.

In honor of Get to Know Your Customer Day, we went behind the red door in search of insight from our own Nassau Inn guests.

 As members of the sales team, we understand how important it is to know our customers well.  The more we know about them, the better we are able to cater to their specific needs, and as a Hotel; we love learning about our guests.  It’s always interesting to hear what brings people to Princeton, and what they enjoy doing while visiting. 

As part of Get to Know Your Customer Day, which falls on the third Thursday of every quarter, we ventured out of our offices to connect with our guests.  While meandering through the hallways, we came upon Cara and Anne Marie utilizing our Foyer to get some work done.  These two ladies graciously allowed us to gain perspective into their stay at the Nassau Inn.

We would like to send out a big thanks to Anne Marie and Cara for opening up and allowing us to get to know two of our valued guests.  To any of our other customers out there, keep the input coming!

New Fall-Winter Menus at the Tap Room

As the seasons change and the brisk October air of autumn chills us all, I always start to think of the warm comfort foods that have satisfied my cravings over the years. I think back to my grandmother’s hearty chicken pot pie filled with earthly goodness, the succulent leg of lamb that has made my mother a culinary master in my eyes, and the classic steak that my father roasts to perfection. Executive Chef Matt Volpe of the Yankee Doodle Tap Room has embraced this comfort food theme with classic dishes and new dishes that are sure to excite.

Brie Lobster

Chef Volpe has created two new appetizers to our menu, the Brie Lobster and Chicken Pot Stickers. The Brie Lobster features soft brie cheese and lumps of lobster meat wrapped together in phyllo, then baked to a crisp golden brown and served with a portobello sherry sauce.

Chicken Pot Stickers

The delicious Chicken Pot Stickers have bits of chicken wrapped in an Oriental pastry, and then pan fried and served on a bed of sesame mustard sauce with pickled ginger and drizzled with soy sauce.

To continue with his classic comfort foods, Chef Volpe has created these new entrees to the menu that will delight your taste buds and fulfill your winter time appetites. Below are descriptions of the new dishes with suggested wine pairings:

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October Events in Princeton For Everyone

Fall in love with Princeton this time of year.  There are many philanthropic, sporting, historic, community and holiday events for people of all ages.  Here are a select handful of local happenings  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and be in-the-know about events and area promotions on the days they are scheduled.

YWCA''s "In Pink" Fashion Show

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
* For the month of October, participating Panera Bread bakery-café locations are offering their Pink Ribbon Bagel and 25 cents of each bagel sold will benefit The Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) Foundation. Over the past three years, Panera has raised more than $20,000 through this effort. On Wednesday October 13th 20% of all proceeds from items sold at Panera Bread Princeton between 4-8 PM will be donated to CINJ.   The YWCA Princeton held their 5th Annual “In the Pink” Fashion Show on October 2nd.  Since 2005 they have raised over $110,000 to benefit the YWCA’ Princeton’s Breast Cancer Resource Center (BRCR).



PU Football – Support the Tigers and see them play long time rivals including Colgate Oct 9th , Brown Oct 16th and Harvard Oct 23rd, all Saturdays at 1 PM.  Full schedule and results.


Happy 100th Birthday!

October 10th – 1-5 PM – Princeton Public Library’s 100th Birthday Celebration – The community and the library have changed and grown together—from a small reading room with just a few hundred items to the current state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot building.  From 1-5 PM on Sun. 10-10-10, the Library will hold a variety of events on Hinds Plaza outside their doors to commemorate this historic occasion. Events include a 5k fun run, live music, WPST live broadcast, and characters from favorite children’s books – bring your camera!.  Full schedule of events.
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Ales of the Revolution & Oktoberfest

This is part of the ongoing “Beers with Newman” series.  Check out the “Beers” category in the sidebar.

I’d like to indulge further into the topic of beer and the American Revolution. Many colonists would find themselves in their neighborhood pubs, secretly discussing the plans of revolt or the many taxes imposed on them by the British. The taxes levied on the colonist were so burdensome that many began a ban on British products, such as tea, molasses, and beer.

Yards Brewing Company: Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale 8.0% ABV

The ban on British beer, lead to the increased production of local beer. The local neighborhood pubs brewed their own drafts or purchased from a local colonist who brewed small batches at home. The colonist had to become creative with their brews, because such ingredients as hops and malts were not readily available. They substituted grains, spruce needles, juniper berries, molasses, etc. to create their very own unique brews. The patriot, Samuel Adams, is perhaps the most prominent colonist brewer, but what you may not know is that a few of our founding fathers were also brewers themselves.

The Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia, Pa has created the signature series, Ales of the Revolution which celebrates the unique brews of the founding fathers. These beers are created from the original recipes by these great men. The series includes the George Washington Tavern Porter, the Poor Richard’s Spruce Ale, and the Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale. Here at the Yankee Doodle Tap Room we are offering bottles of the Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale.

Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale

This is the original recipes used by Jefferson, with some of the ingredients specified and grown on his Virginia estate. It is classified as an “English Strong Ale” boasting an 8.0% ABV with an amber color, medium body, smooth caramel malts balanced with fruit hop, and a bitter dry finish. This beer is perfect with a honey glazed ham or honey BBQ ribs!

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