Going for Gold – The 2012 Summer Olympics!

Oh the Olympics… where the best of the best from more than 200 nations compete, push their bodies to their limits, and aim for top honors.  Here were are about to kick off the 2012 Olympic Games in London and I can’t wait!   USA!! – USA!!

For me growing up, women’s gymnastics was the only event that existed – Mary Lou Retton (first Olympic gold for USA in women’s gymnastics!), Shannon Miller, Kerri Strug (the ankle injury on the vault!), Dominique Moceanu (the Devil Went Down to Georgia, anyone?), and Dominique Dawes captivated my attention and had me cheering for their victories!

1996 Olympics - Women's Gymnastics - USA Gold!

As I got older, men’s swimming won me over – Hello Michael Phelps! (I can’t leave out the Winter Games either – Hello Shaun White!)

(l-r) Michael Phelps, Shaun White

Watching these competitors, these athletes, these Olympians perform in ways that are unimaginable and extraordinary has me, and millions of other Olympic enthusiasts, anticipating what we’ll see this year!  Will Michael Phelps take all again?

With the start of the games and the Opening Ceremonies tonight, (you can access the event lineup and schedule here), I’ll be watching more than just gymnastics and swimming – I promise!

Question: What are your favorite Olympic memories and what events are you excited to see?  Lets reminisce!

Where will you be watching the games? The Yankee Doodle Tap Room is Olympic Headquarters with specials galore! 

Bonus!  Olympic FUN Facts:
Do you know what the Olympic Rings signify?

The five intertwined rings and represents the unity of the five inhabited continents (America, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe). The colored version of the rings—blue, yellow, black, green, and red—were chosen because every nation had at least one of them on its national flag.

Do you know what the Olympic Motto is?

Citius, Altius, Fortius, a Latin expression meaning “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

Question:  Do you have any Fun Facts about the Olympics?  

By: Lauren Scarpa


Behind the Red Door: Sneak Peek – The Prince William Ballroom

Red Door - Sneak Peek

As of our last update in May, we’ve made some great progress on construction that we wanted to share with you, specifically, The Prince William Ballroom (coming back in September!).


Prince William Ballroom - May 2012

As of July:

The New Windows are In and the Wood Trim is Up!

Wiring is in progress!

Ceiling is almost complete!

An additional shot – The Assembly Area!

There’s your sneak peek – we’re almost there and really excited!  Construction will be complete and the Prince William Ballroom will be ready by early September for its first booked special event!

We still have a few things we’re keeping under wraps, but those will be unveiled later.

Stay tuned for additional updates!

Question: What are you most excited to see at the Nassau Inn once construction is complete? 

By: Lauren Scarpa
Photos By: Mike Bonotto


Beat the Heat, Princeton!

98, 101, 105… do you recognize these numbers?  You should, they’ve been the temperatures Princeton’s been facing this summer.  In what’s been deemed the scorcher, people around town have been looking for ways to stay cool and beat the heat.

If it’s one thing I know, it’s how to keep cool when things get warm!

Fresh Food! 
I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets hot, the last thing I want to eat is something heavy and greasy.  Light, flavorful, and satisfying is the name of the game!

Yankee Doodle Tap Room
Now, I may be partial to the Tap Room, but since Chef Nino unveiled the new menus, there are so many fun fresh choices!  (My favorite are the Mixed Fruit and Shrimp Salad and the Fish Tacos!)

Tico’s Eatery & Juice Bar
One of the most talked about places (and another one of my favorites) in Princeton is Tico’s.  Known for their delicious food (nothing is fried), fresh juices (juiced right in front of you), and amazing owners, put this on your list of must tries!

Anyone else drooling over this picture?

Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt! – PSSSSST!  July 15th is National Ice Cream Day!!!!
Creamy, cool, decadent, delicious… those are the words that come to my mind when I think about ice cream.  When I need to indulge, here are a few of the places on the Square I head to!

Halo Pub
Made from milk and cream from their dairy farm. They offer more than 45 flavors of all natural ice creams … at half the price!

Bent Spoon
Specializing in artisan ice creams and sorbets in unimaginable flavors, you’re sure to find something original and appealing!  Flavors change based on the season too!

Iced Coffee! 
Nothing screams summer more than iced coffee.  Although an acquired taste, when you find that one perfect brew, it’s incredible!  Starbucks and Small World Coffee are located near the Square and happen to serve a few varieties of iced coffees made to your liking!


Did you know Princeton is chock full of pools? Me either, but lucky for us, it is!

The Princeton Community Pool
Located off Witherspoon Street, the Community pool is open to all residents.  Offers swim lessons, recreational water sports, swim teams, lap and general public swim.

Broadmead Swim Club
Located on Broadmead Street close to Princeton University, this swim club offers a 20 meter swimming pool and a baby pool for the younger kids. Soak up some sun on the open lawn, or cool off in the shaded picnic area.

Nassau Swim Club
Surrounded by woods on Lower Springdale Road, The Nassau Swim Club gives its guests a few different swimming options. They have a six-lane Olympic style pool, a 13.5 foot deep diving pool, and a kiddie pool. Free swim lessons are available.

Willows Swim Club
The Willows is located off Main Street in nearby Lawrenceville. Along with a large pool equipped with diving board, the club includes changing areas, showers, grills, a playground, and a volleyball court. The Willows prides itself on its “backyard” feel, inviting guests to mingle and have fun in a friendly and comfortable setting.

West Windsor Waterworks
Located in West Windsor Community Park on Princeton/Hightstown Road, Waterworks has everything your family needs to cool off, relax, and have fun this summer. A leisure pool, wading pool, lap pool, two story waterslide, concession stands, and recreation area with basketball courts are all available with memberships, which are discounted for local residents.

The Quarry Swim Club
“The Old Swimming Hole Since 1928” provides a unique swimming experience. Surrounded by natural rock cliffs is a 55 foot deep spring-fed lake, containing various floats and dive boards. There is also a large swimming pool, sand volleyball, and a picnic area with grills. A perfect spot to host parties or get-togethers while re-living those lazy summer days of the past.

What’s better on a hot summers day than sipping an iced cold beverage or digging into some ice cream?  Other than sitting by a pool or in an air conditioned home, I can’t think of too many!  But alas, we can’t stay inside all summer so let’s venture out, have some fun, and remain cool, shall we?

Tell me, how are you keeping cool in the summer?

By: Lauren Scarpa





Fourth of July Celebrations – Where are YOU Celebrating America’s Independence?

Ahhh, the 4th of July – a day designated to barbeque, head down the shore, and see some fireworks!  But how many of us lose sight as to the true meaning of Independence Day? In 1776, 56 men (who if caught, could have been executed for treason) signed a document declaring America’s independence from Great Britain.  236 years later, America still stands strong and free.

In remembrance of those 56 men and countless others who built the foundation of our great nation, lets celebrate!!

If you’re going to be in the Philadelphia Area (you know, the place where it all happened!), they began celebrating June 25th.  Yep, 10 days of events culminating with the huge fireworks display on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway – coming from a South Jersey native, if you haven’t seen those fireworks, you’re missing out!

For those who are staying local, or want to stay in New Jersey, never fear, I’ve found your 2012 Jersey Fireworks Guide!  You can search by region or date!

Additionally, if you’re going to the Trenton Thunder game that night, there will be a fireworks display for all after the game!

So, wherever you decide to celebrate, promise me one thing… remember the reason we’re celebrating.  What are your plans?


By: Lauren Scarpa