Breakfast Outdoors in Downtown Princeton

Photo Credit: Michael Bonotto

The Yankee Doodle Tap Room’s newest addition – the patio on Palmer Square West next to Lindt Chocolate, is the only place you can enjoy breakfast outdoors in downtown Princeton. Whether you are dining out for a business meeting, with your family (we have highchairs), the morning after an event at the Nassau Inn or in the area, or simply to visit the downtown area, our new patio is the place to be.

The brick wall along the west side of the patio offers privacy while you’re enjoying our all new menu. The flowers all around the patio and umbrellas to shade the sun make it a pleasant dining experience for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast Outdoors in Downtown Princeton

  1. I had my first experience dining at the Patio at the Nassau Inn. They offer great food and a great atmosphere. The dining staff was very helpful and attended to my every need. I had the Honey Dijon Chicken entree and enjoyed it as I watch the passing people walking around Palmer Square. So glad they built this beautiful new patio at the Nassau Inn, Way to go!

  2. The Patio at the Nassau Inn added to our wonderful day in Princeton. We enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere in the open-air dining area was truly wonderful. It was the perfect place to eat on a sunny day but also cool due to the misting fans. I was also impressed by the staff who offered us an extensive history of the Restaurant and Inn and their willingness to chat. The Patio seems to be yet another great addition to the already impressive reputation of the Nassau Inn. :)

    • Kara, we’re glad you enjoyed your experience on the patio. The misting fans have truly helped during this hot summer. Here’s to cooler days on the patio and more history inside the Tap Room!

  3. I’ve been wanting to go to Nassau Inn for a long time, but haven’t because of all the other great outdoor restaurants around. The new Patio is a great addition to the downtown Princeton area. We had a great brunch last week. The atmosphere is exactly what you would want. And the food, needless to say was wonderful. Especially the Buffalo wings omelet and sweet potatoes fries. Also the service was spot on. The improved Nassau Inn is now one of my favorite Princeton area restaurants.

    • Lance, thank you for the compliments. We too feel the patio is a great addition to the Tap Room and to Palmer Square. Come in and enjoy our lunch and dinner menus and let us know what you think!

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